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Orlando Events and Promotions consults on behalf of for-profit brands, NGOs, and political organizations to expand exposure, reputation, and generate an accelerated increase in revenue or funding within mid-term and long-term project assignments. Founded in 2011, OEP originally opened with five employees and one client. Today, our team of over 200 extensively trained consulting professionals continue to service a wide-ranging portfolio of 20+ clients on a national scale. Our teams produce over-achieving results consistently in highly competitive markets across various industries.



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Authorized Retailer Production

Does your brand need more sales forces and teams in more regions? We have expertly trained sales teams nationwide to expose new territories of consumers to your brand’s products or services. We have sales team packages for every kind of business’s budget no matter the size as well as a number of different sales channels to choose from.


Our firm works with some of the most generously funded government organizations in many states coast to coast, looking to put causes on the voter’s ballot for the betterment of safety, health, and quality of life in their communities.


Financial Consulting and Budgeting

Is your business sitting on liquid capital not knowing how to invest it back into your own business correctly? Or is your business on a downward trend in need of budget adjustments and more efficient methods of generating revenue? Contact us to find out more about our consulting services (both on-site and virtual available).


Non Profit Sector Fundraising

Does your organization struggle in achieving a significant flow of funding all year round? Contact us today to see if we have a team of fundraising professionals in your area.


Job Openings

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Inventory Manager


Assistant Manager

Branch Manager


Florida Cannabis and Marijuana

Currently partnered with leading retailers, colleges and universities, and leading dispensaries in the state of Florida, we have involved our teams in the petitioning efforts to put the ability to vote to legalize recreational cannabis on the Florida ballot. This is currently a very hot topic among Florida registered voters and we have teams collecting signatures to pass forth this cause.



Orlando, FL 32801

(407) 530-3134

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